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PSB CS500 Universal/Outdoor (White)

Think Outside The Box

Don’t be restricted to your living room or den for rewarding hi-fi experiences. Enjoy every ounce of acoustic performance found in PSB's in-room speakers with the new compact, all-weather CS500 Universal/Outdoor speakers. It's time to add PSB’s world-renowned “true-to-nature” sound quality to your outdoor living space. Engineered and designed for open spaces, the CS500 will also add PSB's high performance sound to commercial environments, such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and fitness centres. The CS500's compact size will serve a wide range of applications, especially where space is tight.

Model Code: PSBCS500W
Retail: R 5 990.00

PSB Imagine Mini Bookshelf (Black)

Meet the newest and smallest member of the ultra-stylish Imagine Series of speakers. The deceptively small Imagine mini speaker makes a big impact on an already impressive range of award-winning Imagine speakers. With its high-performance and compact size, the mini is as versatile as it is cute.

These Imagine minis have might!

The mini produces a large soundstage and impressive bass along with the true- to-nature sound for which PSB is known. our engineers designed the crossover frequency very low relative to the woofer size in order to provide the same sound no matter where the speaker is placed. The mini is a two-way design with 4-inch woofer, 1-inch titanium dome tweeter with ferrofluid, and rear port bass reflex. The result is startlingly big and commanding sound with fine detail and emotion.

Model Code: PSBIMMB
Retail: R 12 590.00

PSB Imagine T2 Floorstander (Black)

With exceptional tonal accuracy and an elegant design, we have proved that even “class leaders” like the Imagine T Speaker can have a bigger and better brother. Introducing PSB Speakers Imagine T2 Tower speaker, a high performance, transitional 5-way tower speaker equipped with Triple Port Bass Reflex and subdivided discrete chambers. This tower speakers design offers a sound experience that rivals loudspeakers costing two to three times more.Adding a third 5 ¼” polypropylene woofer and a dedicated 4” polypropylene mid range driver is literally music to your ears. Listen to smooth and detailed soundscapes as they slowly dance out of beautifully curved, hand-crafted cabinets to fill your listening room.

·        Triple port, bass reflex enclosure producingdeep bass to 34Hz

·        Unique five-way “transitional” design forseamless frequency response and controlled directivity to eliminate unwantedreflections

·        Custom designed woofers and midrange withclay/ceramic filled polypropylene cone and rubber surround

·        Individual driver chambers

·        Titanium dome 1” Ferrofluid tweeter

·        Finished in select wood veneers (Dark Cherry,Walnut, Black Ash), or White or Black High Gloss

·        Dual, 5-way Gold-plated binding posts forbi-wiring or bi-amping

·        Elegant industrial design from world-renowneddesigner David Farrage of DF-ID

Model Code: PSBIMT2B
Retail: R 49 790.00

PSB Imagine W1 On-Wall (Black)

Imagine W1 On-Wall Speaker

The poor audio quality of today's ultra-thin flat panel TVs is a well-known drawback that cries out for an attractive solution. The PSB Imagine W1 On-Wall speaker is engineered specifically for this application, combining an extremely low profile form with renowned PSB sound.

Model Code: PSBIMW1
Retail: R 11 490.00

PSB Imagine W3 On-Wall Speaker

Imagine W3 On-Wall Speaker

Model Code: PSBIMW3
Retail: R 20 690.00

PSB Imagine X1T Floorstander (Black)

Imagine X1T Tower Speakers

A deceptively slim and discreet floorstanding design, the Imagine X1T has wide bandwidth and high SPL output capabilities that defy its modest size. This dual-woofer transitional two-and-a-half way design features identical 5 1/4" woofers that work in tandem at the lowest frequencies but crossover at different frequencies to integrate better with room acoustics and give the optimum dispersion and power response. Like all Imagine woofers, the cone materials have been carefully engineered for optimal control, allowing for a simpler, more cost effective crossover design.

With the Imagine one-inch pure titanium dome tweeter, the Imagine X1T delivers refined sound with tonal, spatial and dynamic accuracy.

Model Code: PSBIMX1T
Retail: R 15 490.00

PSB Imagine X2T Floorstander (Black)

Imagine X2T Tower Speaker

This slim floorstanding model borrows many design innovations from our multiple award-winning Imagine T2 model, yet costs only one third as much! Much of the cost savings come from a simplified cabinet design, but other advancements have allowed us to bring a new level of performance to this price range.

Model Code: PSBIMX2T
Retail: R 22 490.00

PSB Imagine XB Bookshelf (Black)

Imagine XB Bookshelf Speaker

The Imagine XB is an attractive compact two-way speaker system featuring a 5 1/4" woofer and oneinch titanium dome tweeter. The Imagine XB shares the injection-moulded, clay/ceramic reinforced polypropylene designs of the Imagine X towers with dual magnet and rubber surround. The critically tuned cabinet employs a rear-facing port for high sensitivity and extended bass response. The XB is ideal for smaller rooms or in concert with a powered subwoofer for a compact full-range system. The perfect timbre match with the X1T and X2T towers also make the XB a great choice for surround channels in home cinema installations.

Model Code: PSBIMXB
Retail: R 7 890.00

PSB Imagine XC Centre (Black)

Imagine XC Centre Speaker

As a two-way system in a dual-woofer horizontal format with a pair of 5 1/4" woofers, this centre channel is engineered to maximize performance in multi-channel systems. Its clean lines and slim cabinet design will suit today’s ultra flat TVs. We matched this carefully in timbre with the other Imagine X models for ultimate flexibility when setting up your home cinema system.

Model Code: PSBIMXC
Retail: R 6 790.00