C-Series (Advanced Multi-zone)

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Russound ASZ4E A-Bus hub for C-Series

The A-SZ4 is an optional A-BUS subzone chassis for C-Series Multizone Audio systems. Subzones share the same audio source but have independent control for power and volume. The A-SZ4 A-BUS Subzone adds four assignable subzones to a C-Series Multizone Controller and each controller can accommodate up to two subzone units.

Model Code: 2000-533716
Retail: R 11 390.00

Russound KT2-66i Kit

KT2-66 Kit
Multi-zone Controller Amplifier
System Kit with MDK-C6
• 6 System Keypads (MDK-C6), White
• Remote Control (USRC)
• Rack ears
• IR emitters
• Wall plates included

The Russound MCA-66 digital multi-zone controller amplifier
provides up to six zones of distributed audio, for up to 6 audio
sources. Scalable to 36 zones, the MCA-66 provides numerous
options to tailor to residential or light commercial distributed
audio systems. The Bluetooth® connection allows the installation
of the MCA-66 in an equipment rack while remotely locating
the optional Russound BTC-1X Bluetooth receiver up to 300’

Model Code: 1550-536441
Retail: R 73 590.00

Russound KT2-88Xi Multiroom Kit

The KT2-88x is a complete kit which includes 1 x MCA-88x, 6 x MDK-C6 keypads and 1 x Russound USRC system remote control.

The MCA-88x is now the new pinnacle of the Russound C-Series range, as it provides eight zones of distributed stereo audio from any of eight sources, but also includes a streamer built inside!

By enabling the MCA-88x to have a complete streamer internally it now means that you can have a comprehensive system out of the box! The 'embedded' streamer, is akin to Russound's streaming technology found within the X5 and DMS-3.1, as such the MCA-88x can access thousands of internet radio stations, access music from your NAS drive (or shared music libraries on PC's) and also audio streaming via your Spotify® Connect service!

The new MCA-88x is a powerhouse of distribution, and unlike the smaller MCA-66i features digital amplification, giving 40 watts of power per channel to zones 1 through 6. Zones 7 & 8 have been engineered to accommodate external amplification - and use a 'pre-amp' stage, making it perfect for use with multi-channel power amplifiers for larger zones - or home cinema integration.

This latest generation of C-Series controller/amplifier's also brings some new features to the party. The first noticeable upgrade from the outgoing MCA-C5 is that the MCA-88x now has a quicker and more powerful processor than it's predecessor - meaning that the new controller communicates twice as fast.

The second most noticeable addition is the provision of a dedicated Bluetooth® receiver module embedded within the unit itself. This great addition means that you can remotely situate a Russound BTC-1x receiver module in an appropriate zone (up to 280ft/85m away) and this can be shared with the rest of the system, or utilised as a dedicated 'local' source input for that zone alone. So this means that simple cost effective streaming from mobile devices (Android or iOS) can be simply introduced and used pretty much out of the box - and without a big outlay.

The third and most prominent change in the MCA-88x is the addition of several dedicated digital inputs.As we know the MCA-88x will learn in IR codes for any non-Russound source components, so Russound have provided (alongside analogue inputs) a few digital inputs for the increased ease of integrating products like Apple TV's or Satellite boxes that only have dedicated digital outputs. This is also perfect for ensuring the minimum of lip-sync issues if you are synchronizing HD video switching alongside your Russound audio system 

Model Code: 1550-536465
Retail: R 106 690.00

Russound MCA-66i controller

6 Zone, 6 Source Controller Amplifier MCA-66
The Russound MCA-66 Digital multi-zone controller amplifier provides up to six zones of distributed audio. Scalable to 36 zones, the MCA-66 provides numerous options to tailor every room in residential or light commercial distributed audio systems. A variety of input options have been engineered into the MCA-66 to connect up to 6 sources. AV source input options include 6 Analog, 3 Digital (up to 3 coax, or 2 coax and 1 optical), 1 paging and 1 Bluetooth extender connection. The Bluetooth connection allows the installation of the MCA-88 in an equipment rack while remotely locating the optional Russound BTC-1X Bluetooth receiver up to 300’ away. Additionally, the BTC-1X improves audio quality through the high performance APTx audio codec. An RNET link allows for metadata transmission, linking multiple MCA controllers and connection to all Russound RNET Smart Sources like the ST1 AM/FM external tuner.
All MCA products are Ethernet enabled devices allowing for IP based features and control. RIO (Russound I/O) allows Russound IP based control systems to integrate with, control, and communicate bi-directionally through an open protocol. In addition to dedicated keypads and touchscreen control options, the free My Russound App (iOS and Android) controls all Russound Ethernet connected products on the LAN including the MCA-66 and its source components.
The MCA-66 features 6 zones of high quality amplification, providing 20 watts of power per channel. Zones 1 and 2 are equipped with fixed or variable line-level outputs for outboard amplification, wireless expansion or subzone use. Additionally, an RS-232 port for integration with serial-connected home automation systems is available for utilization on the rear panel of the MCA-66.
Custom audio settings, party modes, do not disturb, source and zone linking, and all-on/all-off participation are standard features. The MCA-66 has alarm and sleep timers, a Home Theater trigger and one 12VDC trigger output for power management and control. Source six can serve as a paging input for connection to a 3rd party paging or phone system.
With Russound keypads or touchscreens, the MCA-66 communicates vital information such as preset names, station ID, artist, song titles and album art depending on the capabilities of the source being used. The simpler SLK-1 keypad can also be used for areas where basic control is sufficient such as entry/exit areas of a home or business or any area where the My Russound App might be the predominant control interface.
Note: The MCA-66 is part of the Russound Certified Installer Required Program and can only be installed and configured by a Russound Certified Installer.

Standard Features
6 Amplified Zones @20W/ch
Fixed/Variable Line Out for Zones 1 and 2
Up to 6 Line-Level Stereo Inputs, 3 Digital Coaxial and 1 Optical
RS232 and IP Controllable
6 Routed IR Outputs, plus 1 Global IR Output
Home Theater 12v Trigger In/Out for Shared Sources
Global 12v Trigger Output
Removable Screwless Speaker Connectors
Expandable to up to 36 Zones
Supports Bluetooth® with Optional BTC-1X
Paging System Support with Dedicated 12v Trigger Input
Supports KNX® with Optional KNX-RIO-1
Rackmountable with Rack Mount Ears Included

Model Code: 1550-536403
Retail: R 42 290.00

Russound MCA-88i controller

Russound MCA-88i controller

Model Code: 1550-536410
Retail: R 57 990.00

Russound MDKC6 Keypad - 2 Gang (White)

The MDK-C6 Multiline Display Keypad is a wall-mounted, standard fit, double-gang keypad for C-Series Controller Amplifiers. The keypad's gray scale LCD screen displays real-time information including playlist, channel, artist, song title, genre and more when used with Russound Smart Sources. Responsive hard buttons offer access to virtually every system feature and source control function. The buttons and screen brightness are adjustable and can be dimmed at the owner's discretion.

Model Code: 1550-534294
Retail: R 7 690.00

Russound SLK1 Keypad - 1 Gang (White)

The SLK-1 Single Line Keypad is an in-wall Decora® style single-gang keypad designed for individual zone control of an MCA-C3 or MCA-C5 Multizone Controller Amplifier. The SLK-1 uses a five character LCD to display the current source, volume level and system status. Designed for basic zone control, its white backlit, soft-touch buttons allow for easy access to volume, power and source selection as well as a zone specific favorite and simple source transport option - play/pause, previous and next.

Model Code: 1550-534300
Retail: R 5 690.00

Russound USRC Remote control

The USRC Remote Control is the complete solution for all of your remote control requirements. It is designed to operate source devices and all Russound and A-BUS audio system keypads (A-Bus Standard/Advanced, CA4, CAA66, C-Series, X5 via SLK-1, MDK-C6 or TS3). It has an inbuilt IR code library for numerous other devices and sources meaning that it can be used for almost everything you have attached to your Russound system (or not!). Full learning capability. Ergonomically designed, and stylishly finished it is the one remote you will reach for in order to get the best most tactile control of your sources and system!

Model Code: 1700-535000
Retail: R 990.00

Russound XTS Colour Touchscreen

Russound XTS

Wall-Mounted Color Touchscreen XTS
The in-wall App! The XTS Touchscreen is a stylish in-wall touchscreen that runs an embedded version of the popular MyRussound™ App. XTS works exclusively with Russound MCA-Series/C-Series Controllers and XStream™ systems. Connects to the network rather than the controller, making placement even more flexible. Plus, the XTS makes it easy to keep your interface up-to-date with MyRussound app software updates only a touch away.
By placing the powerful MyRussound app in a permanent location on a wall, the XTS gives you full control and easy access to your Russound system, eliminating the need for your phone or tablet to simply change the volume or switch favorites. Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows the XTS to receive power over the same Ethernet connection used for communication, requiring only one CAT-5/6 cable run to a single-gange workbox or p-ring at the location.

Standard Features
  • Elegant, low-profile design
  • 4.7" (11.9 cm) high resolution QHD display
  • Powerful Cortex-A9 dual core processor
  • Adjustable display brightness and screen timeout settings
  • Supports all MCA-Series/C-Series controllers and XStream systems
  • Controls any zone within a Russound system

Model Code: 2620-536601
Retail: R 11 490.00