It sounds as good as it looks | Monitor Audio SoundFrame

Our ultra-slim and innovative SoundFrame picture speakers make it easy to integrate high quality sound with any interior.

With easy-to-install on-wall and in-wall options and pivoting drivers for the ideal audio balance, the SoundFrame range provides the elusive blend of superior sound and décor that all style-conscious home entertainment lovers seek.

Spruce Up Your Home’s Security System – Get Rid of Analogue and Switch to IP Cameras!

We all know that crime is not going anywhere, and if your security system is old and outdated, chances are high that you are only protected against the attempts of old and outdated criminals. It’s best to ensure that you keep up with the times and keep your security systems, features and efforts up to date.

Denon Has Kicked Off 2017 Phenomenally with a Wealth of Reviews, Awards & Recognition in the AV industry

It seems like every month, Denon and their HEOS range are the first and last thing that we talk about, and it’s true! Denon is a brand that didn’t just take the market by storm… it does so consistently. So, with each passing month, all eyes seem to be on the company and what it plans to release next.

Use Control4 Lighting as a Home Décor Feature/Strategy

There's so much more to a home's lighting than just providing enough light to move around in. In this day and age, lighting is an art, and Control4 seems to have lighting down to a fine art. Gone are the days where homeowners had to settle and be happy with standard overhead lighting. Nowadays, lighting can be a focal point, and it can also bring other focal areas to life.

Change Your Lifestyle with Modern Home Theatre Automation

These days, home automation systems are able to assist you with controlling everything from security, to entertainment, with just a few clicks. And we are in a time where this is not futuristic; it's expected. Never before has it been so simple to set parameters for your lifestyle, and let an automated system take care of your daily preferences and household settings, while you get started with your day (or turn in for a little relaxation).

Denon D-M41DAB Review

Denon has bettered itself in a field it was already leading. The D-M41DAB is impressive proof that great pound-for-pound hi-fi sound need not always mean several separate components.

Denon HEOS AVR AV Receiver Review - AV Forums

For those who are either looking for a less intimidating AVR or like the idea of having wireless rear speakers, then this is undoubtedly a product that is worth considering. In fact even a knowledgeable AV enthusiast would be happy with this receiver, as long as they don't want a system with more than five channels. As a result, thanks to its combination of design, features and performance, we're happy to award the HEOS AVR a Recommended badge.

EISA Home Theatre Solution 2017-2018 - The Denon HEOS AVR

Ditch most of your cables and marvel at the magic of wireless multi-room surround sound. The Denon HEOS AVR has just been awarded EISA Home Theatre Solution for 2017-2018.

Monitor Audio Silver 200 Review - What HiFi.

If you’re looking for great all-rounders, this Monitor Audio pair ticks all the boxes.

Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12 Review - What HiFi

If you’ve already cast an eye over the review of the Monitor Audio Silver 200s by What HiFi, our assessment of the Silver 200 AV12s probably won’t come as a surprise. Effectively, it’s pretty much the same storyline with a few extra characters.

Unstoppable! Sixth consecutive "The Absolute Sound" Editor’s Choice award for Model S series.

This is the sixth consecutive year that the Model S has been honoured with the coveted Editor’s Choice award from "The Absolute Sound".

Denon PMA-1600NE Wins Hi-Fi Choice Amplifier Group Test

A terrific amp that does it all and sounds fabulous as it does so. The remarkably complete and sonically gifted Denon PMA-1600NE combines stunning resolution and drive with uncommon grace and subtlety. It’s no style statement, but whether digital or analogue, it’s the best in its class and quite beautifully built to boot.